The company boasts a cellulose research institute (the only institute run by a company in China) and a climatizer, which was built according to ISO standards. In the fields of cellulose purification and development of new products of cotton linters pulp, the company has caught up with the world advance level. High-quality cotton linters pulp, such as Grades PCS2400,PS711, and CPW90 are well received in the international market and have been exported to many countries in large volume.

In recent years, the company has made great efforts to develop fine chemical products and built a Hi-Tech Industrial Park. In addition, the company has also carried out wide-ranging cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and many well-known universities in China. In the near future, the R & D department will focus on developing new products such as cellulose ethers (downstream products of cotton linters pulp) and so on. Technological progress is necessary in order to widely improve the competitiveness.